My journey to write a novel – April 2013 – 3

After reading the books from the library and a few I downloaded to my Kindle I now have a better concept of an outline for the book.   I had thought, incorrectly that my outline had to look like the ones I learned to write in high school many years ago.  As K.M. Weiland writes in Outlining Your Novel, “they should be opportunities for throwing caution to the wind, living on the edge, and breaking any rule silly enough to raise its head.”

I have spent most of the day today writing in longhand as Weiland suggests in a college rule spiral notebook.   I have pages and pages trying to answer the who, what, where, why, how, and when of my novel.   Weiland also suggested downloading yWriter (free online) to help organize my thoughts and scribbles from my spiral notebook into a neat outline.

I am excited about how far I have gotten today.



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4 responses to “My journey to write a novel – April 2013 – 3

  1. samanthasmithauthor

    You stopped by my blog a today, so I thought I’d return the favor! (:
    I’m so glad that theyre more people out there who love to write as much as I do! It’s definitely a lost art.
    I’m so excited, also, about how far you’ve gotten on your writing progress! Outlining is a very tricky thing, because once you’ve outlined, everything falls into play from there, so the outline has to be extremely well-done.

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures in the writing world!

  2. Haven’t seen any more updates on your novel, Elizabeth. I hope it’s making progress and you continue to feel excited (not overwhelmed) by it.

    Also, I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. You can read about it here:

    Congratulations! 😉

    ~ Sara

    • Thank you for checking on me Sara. I have to admit I have not written any because I keep reading about how to create characters, crafting plot and structure, and techniques for dialogue. This evening I am again working on my outline and am feeling good about what I have. I just need to find the courage to write!

      Thanks so much for the nomination.

      I will put an update on my blog.


      • That’s all you need to do sometimes: Work in a method that feels right to you, and then write once you know you’re ready. Letting your ideas evolve while you’re away from writing is also a positive sign. It keeps the story alive inside you.

        You’re more than welcome for the award. I look forward to reading your future updates!

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